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YUFUIN is one of the most famous ONSEN area located in OITA KYUSYU, often covered by a fog since it's surrounded by mountains. I would say the best thing what YUFUIN has is the richness of nature. There is nothing luxurious, but we have sweet air, healthy ingredients, beautiful view, and nostalgic country life. Soak yourself in an open-air ONSEN, have a good meal, good sleep, and wake up with a sound of chicken. There is a life like this here in TOKI NO KAKERA, a place to give you a rest. Welcome to TOKI NO KAKERA!!

TOKI NO KAKERA is small inn limited with 2 Groups a day. We have a Japanese style tatami room (about 214 feet) on the first floor, and the other room (about 107feet) with a veranda where you can see YUFU-DAKE mountain on the second floor. You are free to have a home-roasted coffee whenever you would like to. Please relax as your own home with your style in the living room, terrace and so on. Internet is also available. You can enjoy fresh air and atmosphere of TOKI NO KAKERA with various kinds of animals.

Amenities: Bath towel, Face towel, Yukata, Toothbrush, Hair dryer

Dinner is “Jidori-Nabe” with fresh vegetables. We provide chicken grew up in "KAWANO poultry farm" that is the best taste and only TOKI NO KAKERA can serve it in Yufuin. Please enjoy!!

Start Time of Dinner : 6:30 pm~8:00 pm

Open-air bath can be used as family bath. It can be also used as solitary traveler. You can enjoy natural hot spring with a weak alkaline source 100% with lighting and steam at night, sun lighting in the morning .

Available time: From check-in up to 11 PM and next morning from 6 AM to 9:30 AM

Breakfast is a freshly baked bread which bakery in Yufuin delivers in the early morning. We have a Western-style menu, such as egg caught in TOKI NO KAKERA and fresh vegetables salad. You can drink 100 % orange juice, milk and home roasted coffee as much as you wish.

Start Time of Breakfast : 7:00 am~9:00 am

-produced by Kaz Naito since 2008-
Phone number : (81)0977-84-2622 , E-mail : kaz@toki-no-kakera.com

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